Water Intake with Baubi H.

“Am I drinking enough water throughout the day?” This seems to be the question we all periodically ask ourselves.”

“Eight, 8oz glasses of water a day,” experts say. How can such a cookie cutter approach be applied to so many body types, sizes, physical fitness levels and lifestyles? How can a woman who is 120 pounds, lives an extremely active lifestyle, loves to have a 2 cups of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night be told to drink the same amount of water as a male who is 280lbs who loves fast food and lives a sedentary lifestyle? No way! There must be a difference!

The recommendation of 64oz. of water a day is only to prevent dehydration. It does NOT make your body run optimally.

By optimally, I mean:

  • Skin is hydrated & glowing
  • Muscles and joints are lubricated, your body isn’t ridden with knots, aches and soreness
  • Natural energy, YES, you heard that right! NATURAL ENERGY!!! By not making caffeine the magic potion through the day. That was definitely my wake up call. Side note- drinking caffeine means you have to drink more water because it’s a diuretic.
  • Body temperature is normal. This is especially important since summer is creeping up!

If you can confidently say, “I have all those boxes checked. My skin is flawless, my body is like Gumby and at a perfect 98 degrees. My digestion is regular and I don’t like caffeine, it gives me the shakes” then I’m jealous! For the rest of us normal humans, we need a little help!

Some other considerations:

  • Are you struggling to lose weight? Still hanging onto those last 5lbs?
  • Do ever feel bloated?
  • Always hungry or you tend to over-eat?
  • Crave sugar or salty foods?

By making sure you are giving your body an adequate amount of water a day can help you with all those things too.

When I started diving deeper into health and wellness, I wanted a body transformation. Not just on the outside but on the inside too. I wanted to feel different. I was tired, my skin was dull, my body was recovering slow, my digestion was off, I was craving sugar, salt, fried foods and I just felt like a mess. I also felt the more water I drank, the more bloated I was. On a good day, I was drinking maybe three glasses of water, coffee/energy drinks and possibly a green juice (if I was feeling healthy). Ha, what a joke. I would get so busy being super mom, running around and making sure everyone else was getting what they needed, I forgot about me. I had no good hydration habits for myself. Ha, Ya, I said it, hydration habits!

Then I was given the water formula that changed my life.

Are you ready…

Take your bodyweight, turn it into ounces and that’s your water goal for the day! Yes, GOAL: what you should be aiming for daily. Now, the very bare minimum of water consumption should be half your body weight in fluid ounces. That’s your magic number to prevent dehydration.

In the fitness world there is a golden rule that everyone follows. “A gallon of water a day, keeps the body fat away.”

Whether you are killing it as a business person, running around with your head cut off and/or a parent, training/exercising a few times a week, chasing after your kids and/or pets, it’s warm outside, you are sitting in the sauna, steam room, hot yoga, drinking alcohol, coffee/tea and energy drinks, enjoying fast food or dining out, eating fried or salty foods, high carb, Ketogentic, intermittent fasting, breast-feeding or pregnant, traveling… Then that’s your goal!

This is easily attainable once you break down where your hydration comes from. Protein shakes, juices, milks, sport drinks, decaffeinated sodas and such count towards your goal too. If you are trying to lose weight, tread carefully because of the hidden calories/macros those choices hold. Your coffee, caffeinated teas, energy drinks and caffeinated soda do not count towards your water goal because they’re all diuretics.

This water formula was a game changer for me. It was also like a domino effect for other hard-to-remember tasks! Once I started hitting my water intake, then I also remembered to take those vitamins in the cabinet. The brain functions fully when it’s not dehydrated. Next you will be eating healthier because you will be more conscious of your body. Even when you treat yourself to meals of decadent delight, your body will be able to flush it out quicker and it won’t be sitting in your system so long making you feel gross.

I’m not going to lie, in the beginning this goal seemed overwhelming for me. I was thinking “Great, one more thing I need to remember to do!” So to make this habit easier, I downloaded a water tracker APP to use on my phone. I use “Drink Water Reminder.” There are so many options, so find which one works for you. The APP has an alarm go off throughout the day to remind me to drink. You can set your goals and you can log beverages. It makes tracking effortless, all you have to do is fill your cup and swallow!

Here is another trick to make this goal attainable- I purchased a 60oz water bottle on Amazon. I carry it everywhere. I never have the excuse that I don’t have any water! I fill it up twice and bam, there’s my daily goal right there! I don’t hit my full goal each day, but at least I get close. My days of forgetting to drink water are long over. Once I start feeling sluggish or my digestion is off, I can now read the signs. Its time to drink some H2O and I feel better!

First thing in the morning I down 24oz of water with collagen (we will save that talk for another time) or warm lemon water, or just plain water, pick your concoction. Then my caffeine goes down the hatch. It’s important to break your fast with water. You are nourishing your body on the inside. Plus now you are already off to a great start hitting your goal before breakfast. Winner!

Infusing water is always a fancy twist for your tastebuds. Adding citrus, berries, melon or cucumber mint, get creative. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest. You can also add a splash of juice to your water for a quick shot of flavor. Treat your tastebuds to a spa experience throughout the day!

Taking care of yourself and making sure your body is running at its best is a form of “self-care and self love.” Hope this helps!