At Elevate Training, our purpose, passion, and mission
is to build a community where individuals are inspired
to ELEVATE their mind & body using the revolutionary
Lagree Fitness Method.

“Lagree has been the best workout I’ve done thus far for my shoulder and hip injuries, I have no more pain. The 40 minute routines are always different leaving me sore every single time, stronger, leaner, and exhausted! Even after practicing and teaching for over 4 years.”
– Brooke C.

“I did Elevate all throughout my pregnancy. It prepared me for an easy labor and I was so thankful! After I had my baby, I was back to pre-baby shape in only 3 months. Thanks to Elevate, I didn’t do any other exercise!”
– Hannah D.

“I have struggled with chronic neck pain since my teens. After little success in anything I tried, I found the Lagree Method. Within a few weeks, my pain disappeared. I now maintain my pain-free and active lifestyle attending classes at least 2 times per week. I will be forever grateful for this method.”
– Sally H.

“I’ve always been a very fit, active person but the difference I feel and see since starting at Elevate Training is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The entire team of instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and truly care about all of their students. As an amazing bonus, through this workout, my lower back pain has reduced greatly due to the strength I’ve built. It’s hands down the best thing I’ve done for my body – I’m a client for life!”
– Mandy S.

“Elevate and Lagree training is the real deal. Not a quick fix, but if you go regularly (and eat a little less), the pounds will shed and you will look, feel and be better. So grateful for the caring instructors who are truly outstanding.”
– Joe C.

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