Shredding for the Wedding

Hard to believe that the royal wedding is now just days away. Most little girls dream of marrying a prince, and the fairytale came true for Megan Markel. How did she get in wedding shape when she knew everyone from around the world would be watching her marry her own prince charming? With Lagree, of course!

Whether you’re the bride, groom, part of the wedding party, or just a guest, we all want to look and feel our best on such a monumental day. Looking for the most effective way to tone up before the BIG day? Our classes are perfect for you. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite moves to help you tone those arms and tighten your midsection! Aim for 3 classes per week to maximize results!

Megaformer Crunches – Great exercise (with lots of variations) to tighten and tone that midsection.

Basic Setup: 1 Red + 2-3 Yellow Springs

  • Start with your back on the carriage and your booty on line 2,3,4.
  • Grab your long straps (hard handles) and extend your arms right above your shoulders.
  • Bring your knees above your hips in a 90 degree angle.
  • Keeping your arms straight, slowly lift your head, neck and shoulders off the carriage, crunching your belly button down towards the floor and lengthen your arms towards the mirror.
  • Keep your lower back glued to carriage throughout the entire movement and be careful not to place unnecessary stress in your neck.

* If you want an extra burn through the legs and lower abs, extend your legs out to a 45 degree angle as you crunch up. Add a hold and feel the entire body shake!

Wheelbarrow – One of our signature Lagree moves that helps tighten and lengthen your entire midsection.

Basic Setup: 1 yellow spring

  • Start in a modified plank position with your hands on the platform and your knees on line 3.
  • Maintaining your neutral spine position, start hinging at shoulders. Engage core and lats as you pull carriage back in, stopping right before shoulders are over wrists.

Repeat for 1 minute. Keep core in tight and lats engaged the entire time. Send carriage out as far as you can without placing strain on lower back.

Serve a Platter – Great exercise to tighten and tone those arms

Basic Setup: 4 yellow springs

  • Start kneeling on line 5,6,7 facing the front of the machine with the long straps (hard handles) in your hands.
  • Bend your elbows to the rib cage and then extend your arms out and away from the torso (palms facing up).
  • Start in a modified plank position with your hands on the platform and your knees on line 3.
  • Inhale as you resist the tension, bringing your elbows back to rib cage
  • Make sure you don’t let your arms pass behind your shoulders!

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