Never Miss a Monday

This month, our focus is on ELEVATING YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Do your expectations need a check-up? Are you dreaming and believing big enough? Getting stronger is great, but so is a sense of accomplishment! A workout, especially the Lagree Method, affects more than just the body – it affects the mind as well. During our 40 minute classes, you will be encouraged to push your limits. This results in physical strength AND mental strength. By changing your self-dialogue, you will get more from your workouts and discover that your mind can be just as strong as your body! Set your expectations high, and you just might prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you think, you can do more than you think, and that your thoughts have the power to shape your workout, day, and even your life!

Monday is the perfect day to recommit to your workouts for the week. Why? See below as to why you should never miss a Monday workout.

  1. You’re more likely to work out the rest of the week – it sets your tone for the week.
  2. You’ll smile more – Exercise releases endorphins!
  3. You’ll quiet your anxious thoughts – exercise can reduce your anxiety, especially if you’re stressing over that mountain of work you need to get done this week.
  4. You’ll kickstart good self-control – Once you have Monday under your belt, you won’t want to break your streak.
  5. You’ll catch better zzz’s – Resistance training can reset your internal body clock that controls your sleep cycle. Better sleep=happier life!
  6. You’ll boost brainpower – Many research studies have shown that physical exercise can help improve memory.