Lagree: The Ultimate Strength Workout

This month we are focusing on Elevating your Strength. It is important to achieve total body strength in a safe and effective way, and Lagree Fitness shows that heavy weight lifting is not the only way! As you train your muscles to the point of effective stimulation each and every class, your body gets STRONGER the moment you walk through our doors!

By using slow, controlled movements, the Lagree Method will increase stamina, strength, and endurance while protecting your joints. Each move in class is designed to decrease momentum, increase instability, and engage as many slow-twitch muscle fibers as possible. We work each muscle group to the point of fatigue (embrace the shake!), which stimulates the muscles to grow back leaner and stronger.

The benefits of training slow twitch muscles are endless, but one of the most important benefits is the recovery time. Slow twitch muscle fibers are smaller, stabilizing muscles that take less time to recover than fast twitch muscle. As an added benefit, the Lagree Method also places a great focus on core stabilizers (who doesn’t love a 6-pack) which helps with overall strength in all other forms of exercise.

Mixing up your workout routine is essential to keep your body pushing its limits. At Elevate, no 2 classes are ever the same, so your muscles will never plateau. Next time you’re heading to class, bring your man to join you and experience a new level of strength TOGETHER!

This week we are offering a FREE class for the special guy in your life! Offer valid Saturday June 16th through Saturday June 23rd. New clients only. See our Instagram or Facebook pages for all the details!

Need more convincing that Lagree is for men as well as women? Check out the recent article in Men’s Health magazine naming the Megaformer and the Lagree Method one of the top 10 workout classes for men!