Guest Blog: Lindsay from Weeknight Bite

This month we are talking about how to ELEVATE YOUR PERSPECTIVE by maximizing the benefits from your new strength. We’d like to introduce Lindsay, our guest blogger this month from the Weeknight Bite. Lindsay is a San Diego native with a passion for helping people look and feel their best using holistic nutrition. We love that she’s not about total deprivation! Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not just a diet fad.

We asked Lindsay for a few tips and tricks towards living a healthier life.

What are your top 3 tips for a lasting healthy routine?

  1. Eat well.
  2. Move often.
  3. Find time to do things that help you de-stress and make you happy!

It may sound overly simple, but those are the three things that I think it takes to live a healthy life. Eating well is definitely the most overwhelming of the three, so I’ll break that down a bit with three more tips!

  • Healthy living has gotten pretty complicated these days. It seems like if we’re not adding 10 different superfoods to our smoothies or drinking mushroom coffee every morning, we’re not doing it right. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s really about being intentional with the foods you’re putting in your body. Looking at your plate and asking yourself, do I have a source of protein, a good amount of veggies, and some healthy fats here? Those are the building blocks of a meal that will keep you full, balanced, and satiated.
  • Make it a priority to opt for real, unprocessed foods before reaching for the snacky foods in a box or bag. Take the extra time to read through nutrition labels and realize whether or not you know (and trust!) the ingredients listed or if it’s a whole bunch of long, hard-to-pronounce ingredients that you’ve never heard of. Being more mindful about the ingredients you’re putting into your body is a huge step towards a healthier life. And when you are craving those snacky foods, upgrade that craving and choose a product with great ingredients. For example, if you’re craving Wheat Thins or salty crackers, grab some Simple Mills almond flour crackers instead. If you want pizza, pick up a Caulipowered frozen cauliflower crust pizza. Cookies? Make these paleo chocolate chip cookies (I swear they’re life-changing!). There’s an upgrade for everything!
  • Make time to splurge, guilt-free! Maybe you wouldn’t expect to hear that from a nutritionist, but life is too short to feel guilty about food! The way to indulge guiltlessly is to plan for it. Say you have a girls’ dinner out at your favorite Italian restaurant. Knowing that, you make it a priority to get your workout in that morning, you have a healthy, balanced breakfast and lunch, and you make your choice of what your treat will be that night. Maybe it’s the fresh pasta, or maybe the wine, or a dessert. Pick what it will be before you sit down so that you feel in control and very mindful about your treat. And remember, it’s a treat, not a cheat… because who ever felt good about a cheat! Enjoy it, and move on afterwards – no need to overthink it or stress about it!

What is the best type of post-workout food/snack?

My go-to post-workout meal is my Almond Butter Cup Smoothie! It’s full of protein, healthy fat, fiber, and even some veggies to keep me full for hours!

Why is yo-yo dieting so bad for you?

I think the main problem is dieting in general. It’s so normal to look for a quick fix and hop on the trendy diet that everyone’s talking about. But the problem is it makes us obsess over calories, what we “shouldn’t be eating” instead of what we should, and it rarely satisfies our cravings or our hunger. When we “fall off the wagon, we feel badly about ourselves for not having more willpower or self-control. But no one can maintain these strict, rigid diets with “eat” & “do not eat” lists, and we definitely don’t live our happiest lives doing that either. While it may take some time and patience, it’s so much better long-term to learn how to work healthy meals into our daily lives, balance our blood sugar (so important!), find those “upgrades” for cravings, and allow ourselves some flexibility.

Yo-yo dieting is tough on the body as the ups and downs basically send the body on a blood sugar rollercoaster, the opposite of what we want! These blood sugar spikes and crashes limit our bodies’ fat-burning potential and instead make us store more fat, and often leave us feeling more hungry, even if we’ve just eaten. It’s a viscous cycle that can be eliminated if we’re just able to find some balance and routine.

What is one nutrition myth you want to crush for us OR what are we tricked into thinking is healthy that really isn’t?

Juice cleanses! Talk about spiking your blood sugar! Juices (yep, even the green ones) are full of sugar, specifically fructose, which converts to fat faster than any other carbohydrate. These juices are made with fruits and vegetables, which sounds great in theory, but they’ve been stripped of their fiber and they don’t have any protein or fat to keep your satiated or to balance that blood sugar spike. Take a look at the ingredient label next time you buy a green juice and see how much sugar is in there – and don’t forget to look at the servings per container, usually there are 2 per bottle. And that’s just in a single bottle. When you’re on a juice cleanse, you’re drinking 6-8 of those per day, and nothing else, usually for 3 days! And if you’re thinking, but I’m getting so many vitamins from those juices, remember that a lot of vitamins are fat-soluble (A, D, E, & K), so unless you’re consuming those with a fat, they’re going right through you without being absorbed!

Sometimes eating healthy comes at a high cost. What tips can you share for being a saavy shopper?

Find places to shop for healthy products at a discount, like Thrive Market. This is my favorite place to stock up on all of my healthy snacks and pantry items. They carry all of my favorite brands and everything on the site is discounted 25-50% off store prices. You order exactly what you need online, and two days later it’s at your doorstep. You can use this link to try out a free month with Thrive Market (signing up through this link will take you straight to my Favorites Page so you have some inspiration of what to buy!) and you’ll get 25% off your first order, too!

Another option – Costco! You’d be surprised how many options there are at Costco. Click here to check out my Costco grocery list.

What is your favorite healthy treat?

I have a major sweet tooth so I’m all about the healthy desserts. My favorites are the Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies I mentioned above or ½ of a Hu Kitchen chocolate bar!

Be sure to follow Lindsay’s food journey on her website or Instagram for healthy tips tricks and mouth-watering healthy recipes.

This month we are excited to be partnering with Lindsay on her next 4 week Challenge – Back to Basics. Lindsay will share her fresh approach to learning how to love your body, develop a healthy routine that becomes a lifestyle, slim down sustainably, and discover your confident, vibrant self in just 4 weeks. Sign up now for her next challenge which begins Sept. 10th.